Monday, June 16, 2008

Exploring the “American Riviera”

Last weekend my friend and I traveled down to Laguna Nigel – I had to work – he needed a much deserved rest after completing a grueling deal.

I’m from the East Coast – and I am a New York City girl. So this part of the country is fascinating for me. First of all – I can’t figure out if anyone really works. The first time we were down in Santa Barbara it was Prom Night. And I saw all these young girls – dressed like they’re about to walk The Red Carpet. And I thought … huh … I think I wore my sister’s hand-me-down to the prom. Bummer.

This time we were at the Four Seasons Avaria, again, I was working, but it didn’t feel like work. Because this part of the world is simply so, so beautiful. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog – I went to LegoLand!

To be continued …

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