Friday, June 20, 2008

Aging Out - What Happens After Foster Care?

Next week's Profiles in Courage webisode examines an interesting question: When foster care kids turn 18, do they graduate or just age out?

I'll be talking to a "wonder woman" of sorts. Her name is Liz Brown, and she's a powerful person making a difference in a lot of foster kids' lives.

Here's a peak at what she'll be talking about on my upcoming show.

Imagine yourself as a kid who has been taken away from your family and placed in as many as 10 different homes with adults that are supposed to parent you. Now imagine it's your 18th birthday and your most recent "parent" hands you a trash bag filled with your belongings, says goodbye, and sends you out into the world alone.

Watch Profiles in Courage next week for the first of a three part series on courage and strength of Liz Brown and the important work she does. Suffice it so say, Liz is one of my heroes! You'll see why in the series running next week.

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