Saturday, April 19, 2008

My Feng Shui Part 2

OK. Our Feng Shui expert, Kartar Diamond, had agreed to consult with me to basically tell me the low-down on how to create an “Energy Continuum” in the house. To find the Chi – let the energy flow – using wood, fire, metal & water elements, as well as a whole host of other factors, including my birthday year!

Now it was time for us – my mom and I – to execute on her directives (or suggestions as she chooses to politely say!) We decided to move the furniture and move it in.

You saw the pictures of my mom and I shopping in the blog above. As I already mentioned, she is the Rambo Special Forces of shopping. At one point we were in the furniture warehouse district of Culver City and she had me carry an aubergine (red eggplant) colored velvet dining room chair out of the store and at least 100 yards down the street into another store to see if it matched the chocolate travertine marble table. The funny thing was – here I am walking down the side walk with this voluptuous purple chair – and no one even blinked. I guess the throngs of interior designers couldn’t be bothered. Bottom line: we bought the chair and the table.

Then we bought the chocolate brown leather and suede two seater with the ottoman and a green velvet chair from Z Gallery. For some reason, we decided it would be a fantastic idea for Carlos and I to actually drive to the Z Gallery warehouse to pick up the furniture. I suffer from the disease of instant gratification.

So Carlos set off on Friday morning in his friend’s pickup. We tied the three gargantuan pieces on to the back of the truck with TWINE, mind you, and NO TARP. There was that moment on the 405 when I thought we were going to lose it all. We had a double chair, another double chair and an ottoman strapped inside the back of the pick up truck.

Long story short – we made it, baby. Barely ;-)

At one point Carlos blurted out with a grin: “Kate, we look like a Mexican family trying to the cross border – with the eleven children hidden in the back and grandma and grandpa hiding in the glove compartment – all our worldly possessions in the back!”

What I failed to tell you was on that same day three different sets of delivery people arrived at the house in one day.

After struggling to get the pieces through the front door, Carlos took off the FRENCH doors off and we got the objet d’arts in.

Stay tuned for the third installment of the My Feng Shui Part 3, for even MORE drama!

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