Wednesday, April 2, 2008

First Brunch in Santa Monica

Every time I move into a new house — about a week afterward — my mom swoops into town to decorate. That is a gene that God just didn’t give Kate Bohner. I am missing that strand of DNA.

It typically goes something like this. She flies in. I pick her up at the airport. We go to some fabulous Italian joint to carbo-load. We return back to the chaos-driven, cardboard-box-filled house to sleep a good eight hours. The next morning we slide on our walking clogs (or in Mom’s case Crocs) and boom; we’re off to the warehouse districts! Here in Santa Monica the decorators call it the Old Bakery. If you check out this Web site, you’ll know why:!

We then comb the retail outlets — Williams Sonoma, Restoration Hardware, Z Gallery — no chain emerges unscathed! At the end of it all I throw my mom, Jean, a brunch. Check out these photos!

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