Monday, August 18, 2008

The Pod

In the blog prior, I mentioned "The Pod."  

 I'm not really certain about how much I can write about it but suffice it to say that I went on a spiritual retreat – somewhere in New Mexico – and I learned a heck of a lot about the architecture of how I can embark on being happy. Of course, now I just have to execute it. Let's also say that Liz Brown of the "Liz Brown Series" was involved.

I did something called a Sweat Lodge. I did lots of other stuff as well, but one of things that happened on my journey was that I met three people, Hope, Scot and Whitney. All of whom I know will be lifelong friends and all of whom have been doing this spiritual gig for eons. I was the newbie.

I couldn't take photos; and I don't want to write too much because apparently it takes the energy out of The Place. So I'll leave it to your imagination.  

 To be continued …

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