Saturday, March 1, 2008

Kate in LA: A New Adventure Begins

I've got some big news. I'M MOVING! After launching my first show "Kate's take" just fourteen months ago up at the beach on Hillsboro Mile and yes after sweating bullets shooting outside in the soggy stifling Florida summer I decided last Fall to move the show inside to bring you the more sophisticated "WatercoolerDiaries". Well, after reporting umpteen health reports, boxing in the ring, fishing, cooking, skydiving and swimming with the dolphins, I decided to make my move. Yes I'm off to find my dreams on the West Coast – Los Angeles! Santa Monica to be exact. The new show? It's to be titled ... "KateInLA!" We plan to launch sometime this Spring. Please stay tuned for regular blog updates!

1 comment:

BocaGirl007 said...

Katie, you are so special...South Florida will not be the same without you. You are an amazing woman, who I know will find whatever you are looking for out in LA. :-) You rock, Boca misses you.